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Hydraulic Press Up to 75 ton

We offer a wide verity of hydraulic presses, between 3-5 ton units up to 75 tons. We do all of our designs and sizing. Use hydraulic cylinders, or custom cylinder with or without counter balance.

We provide different controls also, like proportional or servo position control. We can customize your sizing, fit-up and shut-height. Contact us for details..

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Controls and Motion Systems

Duesenburg's extensive mechanical knowledge combined with advanced microprocessor technology we created a robust line-up of field proven control system packages for our customers. With hundreds of units currently in service worldwide, Duesenburg have successfully improved operations for a number of applications; roll formers, tube mills, cut-to-length machines, laser weld machines, CNC cutting, milling and welding controls.

Our Key Systems:

1- Servo press feed  and roll form (feed to stop) systems and Custom ZigZag feeds.

2- Flying shear cut-offs (with hole reference or without).

3- Linear or coordinated motion systems

4- Servo weld guns, press arms and bender cylinders.

4- FlexCam-Automation and Servo Die transfer systems.

5- Winding and tension wrapping solutions.

6- CTL (cut to length) complete line controls system.

To maximize your operation's productivity, Duesenburg offers several control options to fit any machine:

  • Closed loop controls
  • Feed-to-stop or non-stop
  • Die accelerator controls and retrofits.
  • CNC or STEP system bending controls and bases.
  • Roll feeds and roll feed controls offering basic and advanced systems.
  • Edge guide controls using servo or Hydraulics.
  • Full control for multiple in-line hole punch presses
  • Support for gagged dies
  • Custom engineered controls and panel building
  • Labor saving accessories
  • Entire turn-key packages including panels, Hydraulic power units, valves and motion systems.

Before making a decision, our staff of engineers can provide technical advice or an entire turn-key solution to best meet your application.

Providing the right controls for your operation...Duesenburg Automation.

PLC's Used:

1- Siemens S7, WinCC

2- BoschRexroth IndraWorks, WinStudio, CNC controls and operations.

3- AB Studio, Factory Talk view, Rsview32.

4- Wonderware Indusoft.

Our PLC programming style includes Structured text, Ladder, SFC, FC, FB


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Equipment Building and CNC machining

As of 2010, Duesenburg Inc, is providing complete built solutions for equipment and machines using state of the Art CNC equipment and expertise offering :-

Hydraulic units.

Servo and electrical hydraulic.

Linear motion.

Force control.



Product / Service Categories

Roll Form Equipment turnkey move

As of 2014, Duesenburg Inc, is providing along with its affiliates and partners in West Michigan, a complete move and retrofit solutions to roll form machines. Including updates and layout changes.