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Duesenburg Automation

Duesenburg Automation

The first in North East of Indiana to use and implement Ethernet for Controls communication. We are specialized in logic and motion Controls Technology. We design, implement and install CNC, Robotic systems, PLC's, Data acquisition with or without industrial networking, We also support PC based controls as well as traditional controllers.

Our Story

In 1999 Duesenburg was formed as a consulting firm providing the best and simplest method of machine controls. One of the first systems was using Ethernet based HMI and controls launched in Butler Indiana for an automotive company. In 1998 the first WiFi system was launched with the help of custom WiFi adapters from Orinoco. This is before any major company used Ethernet based controls by 8-10 years. Duesenburg Inc. was established in June of 2001 providing many simple and complex controls, motion and robotic solutions using various systems and we accomplished as a group a customer based on 7 states and counting.


Ford Focus CW Sim

Robot Simulation and Programming

Using multiple 2D and 3D software, and utilizing top of the line Engineering technology to achieve fast, accurate and precise operations and delivery timing.

We have taken our years of experience, both in the software world and in the customer service industry, and we have merged them into a business which is uniquely human in this impersonal world of the internet.

Our programs are labeled, commented, documented and easy to follow. A reasonable knowledge based is required by customer to work on our programs.

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Electrical CAD Design

We provide Electrical design and development solutions. We have an immense library of tools and components to deliver easy to understand and follow schematics for your machines electrical systems. We implement color coding, operator error proofing and Auto recovery. We can also implement visual management into our designs if needed.


Installation and commissioning.

We provide electrical and mechanical installation by Duesenburg personnel and affiliates. We also manage and supervise entire projects so the customer would not have to deal with multi vendor co-ordination which some times cause project delivery nightmares.

Upgrades and refurbish lines.

  • Upgrade using existing major components.
  • Refurbish existing unites and enhance performance.
  • Upgrade using mixed components (Used and new).
  • Label and mark wires, boxes, cables and devices
  • combine new schematics with new upgrade schematics.
  • Upload backups and details to Duesenburg's website for customer future access.

Next Steps...

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