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Welcome to Duesenburg Automation and Equipment Building


We are a high-tech automation engineering company serving the commercial and industrial sector. We are specialized in Motion, ROBOTS, PLC, and Drives.

We also develop new concepts for automation and plant communications. We have all the tools and software to deliver a professional and outstanding performance at minimum risk to our customers especially by utilizing simulations and extensive testing.

We are also proud to add a line of software for simulating robots, for reach studies and programming. We have performed numerous projects with important fine details  and performed well under crunch time effect with success.

Duesenburg is also proud to be a team player with other partners to present a complete package to our customers, including vendor follow-ups and total integration including design, building, installation and service in addition to our well known tool protection and error proofing systems.  Our products and services are US designed and US made.

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We always get excited to provide our  products and services to our customers, we feel that their success will lead to ours. And we always try our best not only to meet but to exceed expectation.

Custom CNC Controls

Duesenburg mini CNC systems based on Rexroth MTX micro is the compact, simple, powerful,
and nevertheless low-cost CNC solution for standard turning and milling machines. It consists of a
custom HMI interface and a compact multi-axis drive controller with high-capacity CNC control and PLC.

* Easy to use and practical
* Ultra-high reliability and production accuracy – down
to the nanometer
* Machining times minimized thanks to a high-performance
* Fast, easy commissioning of the turnkey system
* Compact multi-axis drive controller with small footprint
that needs minimal mounting space in control cabinet
* Direct connection to 200 - 500 V, 50 - 60 Hz supply
mains without a transformer
* Operating Panels and software optimized for easy and
efficient machine operation
* Comprehensive technology-cycle library for easy,
efficient solving of complex machining tasks
* Multiple technological functions for complete machining
* Compatible with most Fanuc G-Codes and more. Provide up to 500 lines look a head.
* Axis range from 4-12 axis, and up to 2 simultaneous running channels.

Duesenburg MTX micro – the perfect CNC system for
* Turning, milling and drilling machining centers
* Laser, Water Jet and Plasma cutting
* Grinding
* Gear machining

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Controls and Panels

This is our base line and core business when first started. We are the fastest most efficient PLC programmers in our field. We over came many obstacles successfully. We write easy to follow modules, well documented code, data manipulation for external devices (e.g. Welders and motion).

Our famous systems utilizes Boschrexroth and Siemens programmable controllers, Integration with Ethernet/IP and Profibus systems, including servos, robots and welders.

Duesenburg offers, custom made Add-On instructions for AB contrologix platforms, to control complex tasks in motion and servo application.


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Machine Building and CNC

Since 2012, Duesenburg has established a strong footprint in machine building and CNC machining using 3D design software with built-in CAM modules to produce CNC G-Code programs without human interaction or errors.

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